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Before asking a question, please read the manuals and check if the question has already been answered on our forum. Post general questions on the forum instead of sending them by mail - in that way everyone can read the answer.

Terms and Conditions


If the product is damaged upon arrival, the recipient must immediately notify the carrier and Flexitune. Other complaints should be reported immediately to Flexitune. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check that the delivery is according to the order.


Purchased products may be returned to Flexitune within 14 days of purchase (the date when the payment transaction is registered by Flexitune). The product must be returned unused, undamaged and in original packaging. If the product is suspected to be used or is damaged, Flexitune can reduce the amount to be returned. Always contact Flexitune before returning any goods. Upon arrival of the returned goods the amount is returned to the customer. Any return shipment costs is not covered by Flexitune.

Guarantee, service and repair

The 1 year limited guarantee only cover defective products or components in the product. Any damage or injury caused by incorrect use of the product is not covered. On guarantee claims the invoice or receipt must always be available for reference.


Current prices are those that are presented on the website. Reservation for erroneous pricing. Prices are presented excluding taxes and shipping costs if not stated explicitly otherwise.

Payment Terms

When purchasing on the Flexitune website, payment is made through Paypal with credit cards supported by PayPal, such as Mastercard or VISA. For other payments a separate agreement must be made. Has such an agreement not been established the goods is sent after payment receive by Flexitune.

Company Details

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Org. no.: 769618-0103
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