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Flexitune F.A.Q.

Postby alex » 04 Jul 2011, 14:23

Q: What is the difference between Flexitune AutoX4 and Flexitune Sequential?
A: The major differneces are that Flexitune AutoX4 is fully automatic (fuel mixture and choke)
Q: What is the difference between Flexituen II and Flexitune Sequential?
A: Flexitune II has one channel and Flexitune Sequential has four channels
Q: Do I need anything else than a Flexitune to convert my car?
A: No,only a Flexitune and some electrical cabling etc is needed.
Q: Is it possible to convert a six or eight cylinder car?
A: Yes, two Flexitune Sequential must be used in parallel
Q: How can I be sure that the potentiometer is equally set if two units are used?
A1: Set the potentiometer with the help of a multimeter
A2: Connect the same potentiometer to both units
Q: How can two Flexitune be connected together for controlling fuel selection etc?
A: BTN and SEL can be connected together, LED should only be used from one Flexitune
Q: What is the price for Flexitune?
A: See price under BUY Flexitune NOW
Q: My car is not in the list 'Cars' on you home page, what does it mean?
A: It means that your car most probably need to be converted with Flexitune Sequential
Q: How can I buy a Flexitune?
A: you can order and buy your Flexitune online, payment is done with credit card or Paypal account
Q: My car has a two channel injection system, can I convert it with Flexitune?
A: Yes, use a Flexitune Sequential and leave two channels on the Flexitune unused/unconnected
Q: How do I know if I need a power resistor?
A: If the injector is low ohm (<10ohms) and if the original resistor is not located between +12V and the injector
Q: Do I need a resistor if the injectors are high impedance?
A: No
Q: How do I know if the injector is high impedance?
A: Measure the two pins with a ohm-meter, if it shows more that 10 ohms it is high impedance
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