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Flexitune WOT enrichment on cars

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Flexitune WOT enrichment on cars

Postby christian_konefal » 24 Oct 2011, 19:49

Hello, my cars are R(straight)6 and V8 Mercedes cars, from age <1993 with multipoint injection (Bosch LH, Bosch HFM, Bosch ME).
These cars have so called "WOT-enrichment", means full-throttle fuel mixture enrichment. What i have read in Mercedes Documents is, that as soon as you press more than 1/2 pedal, car goes out of Lambda-Control (Cosed-Loop), goes in open-loop and enrichens the mixture under gasoline to about 12.6:1 (maximum power development).

When i now install your Flexitune ECU boxes in my cars and drive with E85, will this mean that under full-throttle the the Flexitune Box will lean the mixture until Lambda1 is reached?

Thank you for your explanation.
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Re: Flexitune WOT enrichment on cars

Postby alex » 04 Nov 2011, 18:18

Usually the extra enrichment is used during engine acceleration, when for example maximum power is produced. As soon as the engine load decreases, such as for high way cruising the system goes to lambda 1. (This is how most engine management systems work).

You have two choices:
1. Use automatic fuel mix adaptation on Flexitune:
This means that temporary fuel enrichment will work fine. However it the lambda value is stuck at one extreme for a long time, e.g several minutes it can be misinterpreted as a change of fuel.

2. Use fixed fuel mix mode on Flexitune:
The fuel mixture increase is fixed and does not need lambda connection and does not affect the enrichment dynamically enrichment.
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